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HindeSight Publishing, the driving force behind HindeSight Letters, brings you a one-of-a-kind blend of financial market professionals. Our team consists of investment managers, analysts, and a distinguished financial editorial team with a notable pedigree. Together, we form a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise, dedicated to delivering unparalleled insights to our valued subscribers.

The co-founders of Hinde Capital, Ben Davies and Mark Mahaffey, a successful alternative investment management company joined forces with the financial journalist David Stevenson best known for his regular columns in the FT Weekend, Money Week and numerous other global media titles to deliver something different in the financial newsletters segment – simply put it’s a reliable newsletter version of a managed fund. Our writers actually run money, not just write about it, so they are the right mix of book smarts and street smarts.

Truly a team of individuals that make up a formidable pool of knowledge, wherever the investing landscape shifts to.


Our mission at HindeSight is to provide a high-quality, digital investment letter service tailored for both self-directed investors and institutional entities. We strive to offer innovative, actionable investment ideas spanning mainstream and alternative financial sectors. Our insights are drawn from four decades of experience in fund management and investment writing.

We are committed to democratising investment knowledge, making our institutional insights accessible and affordable to the burgeoning community of DIY investors. Technological advances, evolving financial products, and regulatory changes have empowered individuals to take charge of their investments, necessitating a reliable source of expert guidance—we aim to be that source.

Our service contrasts with both managed and passive tracker funds, which often carry hidden costs and lack transparency. We provide a clear, fixed-cost subscription model that offers superior management by leveraging the direct experience of our writers. These experts manage personal and client funds, sharing their insights through our monthly newsletter, ensuring you have the tools to manage your investments efficiently and transparently.

By subscribing to HindeSight, you gain more than just financial advice; you gain a partner committed to helping you maintain control over your investments and costs, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions efficiently.

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Navigating Your Path To Financial Stability: Investment Education

Empower your financial future with our investment education newsletters. Each edition is crafted to provide you with clear and concise insights into the fundamentals of investing. Learn to navigate the complexities of the financial markets with confidence and build a solid foundation for financial stability. Our guidance is designed to help you make informed, strategic investment decisions that align with your long-term financial objectives

Elevate Your Wealth Journey

Start your financial education with us. Explore fundamental investing strategies and gain valuable insights from our expert analyses. Join a community dedicated to achieving financial prudence and excellence. Our newsletters are designed to equip you with the knowledge to navigate the investment landscape confidently, helping you make informed decisions that support your financial goals.

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Our Team Of Expert Investors Utilises Intelligent Strategies For Wealth Generation, Providing You With Savvy Financial Insights For Making Informed Decisions.

Ben Davies HindeSight Letters

Ben Davies


David Stevenson HindeSight Letters

David Stevenson​

Chief Editor, FT Columnist, Money Week Writer

Mark Mahaffey HindeSight Letters

Mark Mahaffey​

Co-Founder & CFO of Hinde Capital

Aalok Sathe HindeSight Letters

Aalok Sathe​

Analyst at Hinde Capital

The world of investing is full of noise and hype. HindeSight Letters filter out the c**p and focus on systematic signals and strategies that make a difference in the long term. Focusing on humble dividend cheques, keeping it simple and sensible.

– DAVID STEVENSON – Co-Founder and Author

What’s HindeSight Letter’s mission? To systematically uncover the most compelling investment opportunities normally only reserved for the investment professional.

– MARK MAHAFFEY – Co-Founder & CFO Hinde Capital

HindeSight Letter’s mission is to create an affordable digitally-based investment letter service. Our aim is to help drive the DIY Investor revolution by sharing our experience and knowledge of financial markets.

– BEN DAVIS – Co-Founder & CEO Hinde Capital



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With an extensive understanding of financial dynamics, our seasoned investment managers use their deep market knowledge and successful backgrounds to navigate complex market cycles and pinpoint valuable investment opportunities for you.

Our analytical team is adept at identifying key trends and conducting detailed research to bring you critical market insights. They excel in revealing overlooked assets and simplifying intricate financial data into clear, accessible information.

Our esteemed financial editorial team is dedicated to maintaining the highest content standards. Merging their extensive financial acumen with skilled writing, they produce engaging and insightful newsletters that inform and captivate our readers.

At HindeSight Publishing, we are passionate about providing you with the essential knowledge and tools to make well-informed investment choices. Our goal is to help you develop a robust portfolio and reach your financial objectives with confidence.

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